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Most often people describe me as a journalist, although when the topic of describing my specialty comes up, they already begin to have a problem.

In fact, my adventure with this profession began at the age of 15, when writing for various media about music, film and games were for me the fulfillment of the need to share my feelings about culture, art and entertainment with the outside world. Over the years I have done this not only in "T3 Magazine", where I am editor-in-chief, but also on Antyradio, Rock Radio, TV Toya and "Guitarist Magazine". In the latter, by the way, I have specialized in interviews, talking to such giants as James Hettfield of Metallica and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd (they have been the cover subjects of issues 15 times).

In the aforementioned "T3 Magazine" I share opinions on electronic equipment or cars and games.


Graphics and websites

Even earlier than writing, web design came into my life. I wrote my first simple website at the age of 13 as a tribute to the first two parts of the Resident Evil game. Today, I continue to design and implement sites - from business cards and corporate websites to stores to portals, news and VOD sites. I prepare visual identities, advertising videos and simple animations.

Other projects

I enjoy my creativity and constant search for new challenges. Over the years I have been involved in preparing music compilations - inviting artists to them - and booking concerts. In connection with the latter, a number of European artists visited Poland for the first time as a result of my cooperation with Klub Stodoła and the Liveurope platform.

My passion for music, movies and games has spawned more than a sizable collection of fanfiction and articles over the decades. From under my pen have come a bit of bookazines, or publications that combine the nature of a magazine and a book, such as Star Wars: Art from a Galaxy Far Far Away, The Complete PS4 Almanac, The Complete Minecraft Almanac and The Guide to the World of Pokemon Go. I have also written dozens of articles, tutorials and guides for Minecraft and Fortnite games. I was a consultant for the publications SEO Handbook and How to Start a Website.

I am currently in the process of preparing my series of three books related to my favorite media. My passion for coffee will definitely partner me on this.


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Kasia May

Martin is an outstanding character, who has read him knows, who has not - should change it. His "insatiability", contrary to Witkacy's, is not fantasy or grotesque, but a place where anyone who appreciates good taste and a light pen will settle. For that, like Witkacy, Marcin is a man of many talents, so I also recommend him as a web designer and contractor. Need text, a good translation or graphics? He is an orchestral man with experience. I recommend.

Alicia Papadopolus

I have been working with Marcin for more than 5 years. He is distinguished by his diligence, professionalism and individual approach to each project. With confidence and conviction I emphasize that he is one of the best organized editors of Polish media. As befits an editor-in-chief of a print magazine, he meets absolutely all deadlines. (...) What I appreciate in his work is his professional approach to preparing interesting, original and very factual materials. I read his reviews or articles with pleasure, but I look forward to his compilations and rankings with baked goods on my face. In my opinion, he is one of the leading gaming journalists in Poland.

Jacek Stasiak

Marcin is a very rare person in the music, entertainment industry - a trustworthy person. Throughout the years of our cooperation, Marcin has always been characterized by extraordinary punctuality, precision in performing tasks, understanding of the other person and extraordinary negotiating instinct. Marcin is very willing to help and share his skills and insights. He is not only an ideal employee, but his charisma makes him able to convince everyone of his ideas, which turn out to be successful. I hope that our cooperation will continue uninterrupted for years to come.

Martyna Spiechowicz

Working with Marcin is always a pleasure. He is punctual, creative and meticulous. He never refused to help me, he was great at coordinating ongoing projects, working with the whole team. He always communicated a clear and specific brief and explained any unknowns. Despite several or more projects and running "T3 Magazine" at the same time, he planned his duties very well. His press releases were always of a high standard, both in Polish and English. He is very knowledgeable about music of many genres, has a light pen, and his reaserch was thorough. Marcin is an excellent project manager, journalist and person.