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Most people describe me as a journalist, but when it comes to describing my specialty, they already have a problem. In fact, my adventure with this profession began at the age of 15, when writing about music, film and games fulfilled my need to share my feelings about culture, art and entertainment with the outside world. Over the years I've done it not only in T3 Magazine, where I'm the editor-in-chief, but also on Antyradio, Rock Radio, TV Toya and Magazyn Gitarzysta. In the latter I specialized in interviews, talking among others with such greats as James Hettfield of Metallica or Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Over the years I've also been involved in creating music compilations and booking concerts. In the aforementioned T3 Magazine, however, I share more thoughts on electronic equipment or cars, which I love to test and share my opinions.

Even earlier in my life, web design came into my life. I wrote my first simple website when I was 13 as a tribute to the first two parts of Resident Evil. Today I design and implement websites - from business cards and company websites, through stores, to portals, news and VOD services. I prepare visual identities, advertising films and simple animations.

When I'm not engaged in the above passions, I'm checking out new coffee flavors, drawing and taking baths of irony and sarcasm, lotioning myself with just the right amount of distance from reality.

"I can't be shaken anymore, by anyone. I've got to that point in my life that if you're not a good person, and you can't make me feel good with love and life, then fuck off, basically."

"Marcin is an outstanding character, whoever has read him knows it, whoever has not - should change it. His insatiability, contrary to Witkac's, is not fantasy or grotesque, but a place where anyone who appreciates good taste and a light pen will make themselves at home."

Kasia May

3maj | social media marketing

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marcin for the past several years in the new technology industry. Marcin is a very contactable, professional and timely person. He has a vast knowledge of technology and is a great journalist and commentator on events in the new technology and IT industry. "

Magdalena Czyzewska

MSL Group | Account Manager

"Marcin is a reliable and punctual person, he always puts a lot of energy and heart into his work. Working with him is pure pleasure. He is inventive and open-minded, not afraid to advise and go beyond the usual schemes."

Katarzyna Nalepinska

Live Nation Entertainment | Marketing Manager

"With certainty and conviction I emphasize that this is one of the best organized editors of the Polish media. (...) In my opinion he is one of the leading gaming journalists in Poland."

Alicia Papadopolus

Tabasco | PR Manager


01 Music

In 2000, at the age of 15, I founded the website Alternativa! (at, where together with a few editors I recruited, we wrote reviews of current releases and classic albums. Later I wrote for and portals and Finally my reviews started to appear in the paper editions of Magazyn Gitarzysta and Audio, where I published over 200 pages of reviews altogether. Although I've done some interviews with people in the technology or film industries in my life, my "hobby" has remained talking to musicians. My interviews in print have mostly appeared in Guitarist Magazine and Drummer Magazine. 15 times they were the cover subjects of an issue.

02 Automotive

So far in the pages of T3 Magazine I have reviewed over 250 new cars. Over the past few years, no premiere has escaped my attention, and with equal interest I have sat behind the wheel of cars of all classes, powered by every available method, and in the case of electric cars I can confidently say: "I have had them all"!

03 Gaming

I simply love to play video games. My passion for them started, as for many people of my age, with Atari XL titles. But then came the era of PC 386, and then 486 and it started for good... Currently my only platform is PS5. I won't say that all the releases go through my hands, but there are days when I wonder if maybe they should!

04 Gadgets

On the pages of T3 Magazine for 11 years I have been writing tests of electronic equipment: smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles, televisions and audio equipment. The number of gadgets, which passed through my hands in the T3 Magazine, but also radio shows, where I was a guest, is very difficult to count.


Apart from over a hundred issues of T3 Magazine, which I've been publishing for over 11 years, during my adventure with journalism I've been managing a few magbook or bookazine projects - publications combining features of magazines and books, some of which I've been preparing entirely content wise. So far, these have included such publications as Star Wars: Art from a Galaxy Far Away, The Complete PS4 Almanac, The Complete Minecraft Almanac, and A Guide to the World of Pokemon Go. I've also written dozens of articles, tutorials, and guides for Minecraft and Fortnite games. I have been a consultant for the publications SEO Handbook and How to Start a Website.


Here are some of my designs for websites, stores or VOD services.



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